Case StudyMAD//Fest


Brief & solution

MAD//Fest is the brainchild of an amazingly creative, inspiring but pretty small team of fantastic people. When it came to onsite rebooking, there was no way that the team could host their clients, help to create the trademark festival atmosphere and do everything else that falls to them onsite, whilst also securing contracts for the next edition. So that’s where we came in! Benchmark provided pre, during and post event rebook support to enable the MAD//Fest creators to do their thing. From a remote team pre-booking, to an onsite team managing and delivering, to a post event team following up to get those last clients over the line, Benchmark were able to step in and help out. And what fun we had doing it!



A great rebook result for a one of a kind client who was brave enough to run an event in July 2021! What a blast MAD//Fest 2021 was and what a thrill to be onsite in a car park in London doing what we do! It even rained and nobody cared! Our first glimpse of events being back post pandemic was a fantastic success and we were thrilled to be part of it!

The wonderful team at Benchmark have been supporting us at MAD//Fest since 2019. Their professionalism, style, indomitable spirit and sheer positivity has resulted in amazing onsite rebookings, happy sponsors and happy organisers (us). We'll continue to work with them in 2022 and beyond and consider them part of our team at the show. If you haven't embraced professional re-booking at your event you need to consider 2 things. 1. Don't worry if you don't understand it - they do and 2. don't miss out on in-show rebooks because you are too busy. The solution is simple - hire Benchmark

Ian Houghton, Co-Founder
Ian Houghton, Co-Founder /Mad//Fest London